About Us

Healing Hands Nepal

निको पर्ने हाथहरू नेपाल

Healing Hands Nepal is a non-profit and voluntary organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal, registered in the Government of Nepal and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. The mission of the organization is to provide Free Health Camps and to promote Organic Farming.

HHN was founded in 2015 after a massive earthquake hit the country. When the earthquake hit, we worked with Health worker whose goal was to establish and maintain sustainable trauma reduction programs that brought healing, resilience and peace to all communities impacted by the natural and human-created disaster, violence and conflict.

To eliminate unemployment and create jobs in rural areas we are promoting an organic farming practice. In Nepal, the economy is dominated by agriculture; it is still the livelihood for more than 88 percentage of the population, although only approximately 20 percentage of the total land area is cultivable. Hence our second mission is to minimize the negative impact on the environment, economically empowering the society and grow healthy foods. With the co-operation of Government of Nepal, we soon want to start farming internship opportunities with animals, fish, poultry and cash crops farm. Sustainable agriculture is the production of food and fibre that addresses many environmental, social concerns and animal welfare.