Sagar Gautam
Health Assistance

There are multiple factors which led me to become a Health Personal or a Health Assistant, one of them is that I am interested in helping sick people in need.

When I thought of paving my future path after finishing my school, I made up my mind to go into Medical/ Health Studies with the support of my family and friends. I studied HA (Health Assistant) at Koshi Health Biratnagar under CTEVT UNIVERSITY in 2013.

Initially, my dream was to become a doctor but I am from a middle-class family so I couldn’t afford the MBBS program so I chose Health Assistant program instead. One must possess a brighter mind to become a doctor but I was not a bright student and I didn’t get any scholarship at the University of Medicine. So I got my diploma course of CTEVT.

I like to see smiling faces of people when they get rid of their ailment and I think these are the moments which led me to become an HA.

I wish all the people in the world receive their share of health care services without any discrimination.