Sanjay Gurung

My best hobby is to make silly jokes and try making people laugh (smile) around me. I was not good at studying so I dropped out of my college in a mid-session and did not continue after on. Then I started to work, normally I worked in a hotel to support my family, being an elder child it’s our tradition in Nepal to financially support the family. I get tired of working all weeks (normally 6 days a week).
Whenever I get an opportunity to do volunteer work I never say no. I love helping people and I guess NGO is the best platform to do so, that is how I found Healing Hands Nepal through one of my friends.  “May be your one help cannot change the world, but it can change the world for one person”, I believe in this line and it always motivates me to help others who are in need. For sure I can’t afford all of those stuffs to help others but I can give my helping hands to organizations who are supporting peoples in need. That’s the reason I love working with HHN during my leisure time or whenever the opportunity arises.