Lass Knacken!!

I was nervously and continuously weighing pros and cons since the day Robin from United Smile e.V contacted Healing Hands Nepal saying, are you ready for our 2 Dentists and 2 Dentistry Interns? They have signed up for the February 2019 Program.

It was in November, exactly two days before Bhai Tika, when I heard from them. Undoubtedly I was excited to run camps with them for the second time but also nervous because all four were first timers in Nepal and completely on their own. I thought a voluntary-work, that too, in a developing country like Nepal, would particularly be challenging for them because of the newness, rawness and chaos (not in a bad way, because that is how Nepal and Nepali works) that our country has to offer. But, thankfully, it turned out that all the 5-day-clinics at both the venues were refreshing throughout for all the three. (All three because one of the two dentists had to cancel the trip at the last moment because of one of her family member’s health hazard.)

They worked shoulder-to-shoulder with our Nepali Dentist and Volunteers with immense joy, that too EVERY DAY! Tasks was literally a back-breaking, at least for the two boys, imagine 6 feet tall guys bending forward at their waist for continuous treatments and often each patients required 15 minutes long attention or more. I was sympathetic at their situation and secretly happy that I am small.

As a host, they made me be comfortable at my home. They devoured on sumptuous dal bhat meal, yes, two times a day, just like us Nepali. They avoided the private time for themselves that I would offer at the end of day. Rather, they hung out with the whole team (plus the beverage of our choice) either at dining place, balcony or somebody’s room and chat on every possible topic that we could think of.


Every morning started with “Lass Knacken!!”, a German slang for “Let’s go” that’s usual at Tim’s hometown but not on other parts of Germany.

Every day ended with “You guys make my life easy”.


I Thank:

The Venue Partner, Manakamana Health Post, Gorkha. The Health Incharge, Staffs & Volunteers.
The Venue Partner, Saraswati Secondary School, Ahale, Gorkha. The teachers, Students & Staff
Both the Hotels, Manakamana Resort & Gorkha Palace for making our stay memorable.
Traveling Partners, Meena & Sujata from Step Up Pvt. Ltd
Media Partner, Saren Khadgi of Design Maze

Special mentions:
Dhananjaya Dawadi, Sandesh Rana & Krishna Rana for helping us throughout, with bureaucratic paper works.

Ultimate shout out to:

United Smile (Sebastian Köppert, Jens Dauben, and Robin Fernández)
Femita Khadka
Sagar Gautam
Sanjay Gurung
Maria Christina Hedwig Czaya
Tim Klomp
Malta Niklas Van Der Laden
Rajeev Gurung
Pritam Thapa
Priti Thapa


Nikki Thapa


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