Femita’s Happy Experience

This day was the last day of our 5-day dental camp. Today we planned to distribute toothpaste and toothbrush along with demonstration to primary class students. As usual, we reached school at 9:30 am for one last time. 50+ students gathered at the assembly ground, and as the first day at the Primary school in Manakamana village, the session started with interaction with students, Tim then demonstrated the brushing technique and when we called one of the students, many students raised their hands in excitement to volunteer as a model. All the team-members clapped with joy to see cheerful children’s involvement. We demonstrated Fone’s method, as we were counting the brushing times, every single one along with teachers counted 20 and each time. After the demonstrations, we distributed toothpaste and toothbrush. All the children shouted their favourite colour while picking teeny-tiny toothbrushes that would perfectly fit their equally teeny-tiny mouth.

They were totally over the moon and we were more than that with the ever-joyful atmosphere they created.

Kinder Garten Pupil receive Dental Kits.


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