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A Health Camp Volunteer

A Health Camp Volunteer is a chance for a medical practitioner to gain hands-on medical experience in the rural setting of Nepal while immersing in the local culture.

It is sad and true that Nepalese in remotes are deprived of general health services even though there are sporadic Health Posts and Hospitals in every district. And somehow all these Health facilities lack either medical assistants, medication, infrastructure or proper equipment. Nepalese Government is investing and mobilizing the right people in the Health sector in recent years and until then HHN aims to bridge the gap through free mobile Health camps and awareness programs.

HHN organizes health camps in ties with a local Government body and experienced Health Professionals at the most affordable programs. You will have the opportunity to give your services and take a warm heart experience.

An Agricultural Volunteer

Volunteering for sustainable agriculture and Agroforestry projects in Nepal is the perfect opportunity to combine physical work and learning about farming while travelling in this mountainous region. If you are an outdoorsy person and love the fresh air, you have to check out our farming and agriculture projects in Nepal.

Organic is a new black.

Support sustainable organic farming by living together with local host farmer families, learning the agricultural practices handed down by generations, by planting/harvesting with them depending upon what time to season you are here, or simply by watering plants and cleaning up the farms.

The agricultural volunteer program is also a language exchange opportunity. Locals usually speak broken English sometimes limited to Hello and Welcome with tons of giggle. Be ready for the questions from school children like, what is your name? What is your father’s name? What is grandfather’s name? that is what kids basically learn at their English subject classes back at schools.

Besides, when the timing is right you can also be part of farming-related festivals like Ropain jatra in June/July i.e paddy plantation festivals and Daai jatra in Oct/Nov i.e harvesting festival. In between that, Nepalese always find a way to celebrate rain, forest, rivers, earth etc.

It gives you a chance to live in medieval time, in a farmhouse, milk animals, eat ripened fruits directly from tree, water and pick vegetables, learn to cook food and to make a Nepali tea or even raksi (liquor), learn techniques of preserving summer foods for winter, loom weaving, milk churning, plough field, feed animals, and the list of joys go on.

Take typical Nepali memories in your heart and give your daily life a Nepali touch back home. We have programs in Parbat, Makwanpur, Dailekh, and Outskirts of Kathmandu.

An Environment Volunteer

She has a Facebook photo of a lion and lioness she is, Yam Gurung.

Yam is a naturalist, ecologist, sanitation coordinator, nature conservationist, nature photographer and above all a gem person.

Taking her father’s ideology of preserving nature forward, she founded NRCO, Natural Resource Conservation Organization with likeminded community in Kuwepani (2200 m) in Parbat District, North-West Nepal.

NRCO was formed to mobilize the community to regenerate and manage all the natural resources themselves for the sustainable development. When all Nepal, including Parbat, almost went barren due to bulk fell down of woods to meet basic needs, a local social worker group there started a small nursery to plant pine trees in a patch of land some 28 years ago. This initiation turned the once barren hills into luscious green, but it again catered to basic human needs but failed to save local flora and fauna from extinction, and hence the birth of NRCO.

NRCO is working on to return the valley into former glory, where pine trees co-exist with fir, magnolia, rhododendrons and medicinal herbs. With bears, deer, tigers, jackals, bats, eagles, vultures, pangolins and even the bat from the folk story.

HHN in collaboration with NRCO team invites Environment enthusiasts to volunteer in Parbat district.


An Education Volunteer

Healing Treks 


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